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Appetite Suppressants Or Fat Burners, Which Is Better For Weight Loss?

Appetite suppressants are one of the best things that God has created in this divine world. It’s here to help us mere mortals follow those dreadful diets without feeling like eating a whole pint of ice cream. As much as appetite suppressants can help you in your journey of losing weight, some things need to be said first.

I have to say these things so there is no misleading you, which I would never do. When you want to lose weight, you have to eat fewer calories. That’s literally all there is to it. You can lose weight in a healthy way or a bad way like a master cleanse, but you must eat fewer calories than you consume. An appetite suppressant by itself WILL NOT give you any type of weight loss.

So now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about how an appetite suppressant can help you during your cutting and weight loss goals. So when you’re trying to lose weight you’re going through a calorie deficit. When you put your body through this, the worst part initially is how hungry you feel. Even doing a moderate 500 calorie cut can really take a toll on your mood when you feel your stomach rumbling at work all the time.

Once you have your diet down and in place, this is where appetite suppressants come in. There are generally two different ways in which they work. The 1st is a mechanical approach. This is when the body ingests more fiber than usual to give yourself a satiated feeling. Since fiber is not digestible, you can eat as much of it as you want and it will not give you any problems with calories. There are many products out there that are high in fiber to help you achieve appetite suppression.

There are some concerns with using a high fiber related diet like more gas and bloat. This should be expected though when you are using lots of fiber. In fact, if you have trouble going to the bathroom every day this might actually end up being a positive bonus to your health.

In fact, if you have trouble going to the bathroom every day this might actually end up being a positive bonus to your health. This is because most people in the world today your not getting enough fiber in their food.

Suppressing Appetite And Epinephrine

The 2nd way that appetite suppressants work is through a chemical process. Before you eat you feel those hunger cravings and stomach growls right? Well, if you take a pill that elevates your levels of epinephrine, this can help you feel full faster.

If you have a random hunger pain you can take a pill that increases epinephrine production. After absorbing that pill those elevated epinephrine levels will increase your heart rate and raise your body temperature.

This heart rate elevation will lead to inhibiting your brain’s ability to receive hunger signals temporarily. Its basically being overridden. The benefit to an increased heart rate and a higher thermal temperature leads to a slight increase in your daily calorie expenditure as well. This can be as high as an extra 60 calories a day burned.

Most Popular Appetite Suppressant Ingredients

Now that we know how appetite suppressants work let’s get into their common ingredients to see which ones work the best.

Caffeine (good)

When it comes down to it, caffeine is the most consumed drug in the world. It makes the user more alert, and can keep them up after a long night. This also elevates the heart rate slightly as well. This thermogenic effect can lead to a slight increase in weight loss. There is not actually any solid study done to prove that caffeine causes weight loss, but it works well as an appetite suppressant. If you not sensitive to caffeine, I can definitely recommend caffeine as a good ingredients in appetite suppressant supplements.

Bulletproof beans plus grassfed butter (bad)

This is one that many people swear by. Although the idea of adding butter into your coffee sounds weird, this is actually a common thing that happens all around the world.

This is an interesting one since they market it as a neuroenhancer as well as a healthy way to keep yourself full.

Again, this one does not have an study that shows this actually works, and it should be looked on skeptically.

Yerba mate (good)

Now, the first thing off the bat is to not take those Guayaki drinks. Those are just named yerba mate but do not have much of the original Mate in them. This has been shown to work through a variety of ways. First, it is a slight diuretic and a slight laxative, keeping your body in a good state without bloat. On top of this the Xanthines in Mate leads to an increased thermogenic response, and helps keep you healthy. It is also a great natural way to decrease your craving for sugar if you followed a typical american diet before dieting.

Hoodia gordonii (potentially good)

A new plant that has gained a lot of interest for its possible ability to help with weight loss. Scientist are not exactly sure how it works except for a study in 2004.

It was shown that the main cause of weight loss could be associated with a molecule found in Hoodia called P57. Other studies researched how it worked on people who tried it and most said that it caused a significant weight drop. Overall, further research is needed to see exactly how effective it is in weight loss.

Glucomannan (good)

This is the only mechanical appetite suppressant on this list. Its works by thickening in water and in contact of any liquid. This leads to your stomach feeling fuller and satisfied. This directly makes you feel full, and will suppress your appetite.

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